What we can do for you.                                                                                                                                                 

We provide many different options for customers with trees that they would like tended to. 

We hope that  the trees you live with are objects of beauty and bring aesthetic pleasure to you and your garden. Trees are also highly desireable in and around the grounds of property, therefore adding value to a house should it be sold.                                                

However, trees, especially within a garden, can begin to impact negatively on its surroundings if they are left to their own devices.                                                                                                                                                                 

This in many instances is a substantial decrease in light into a garden as the tree's canopy grows. It can also be that a tree is to close to a building or that a limb from a tree grows out over a building and becomes a concern or a danger. Perhaps trees that have been planted years ago are now over crowding one another and some need to be selectively removed. Perhaps you find a particular  species of tree on your property unsightly and wish to have it removed. 

What ever your requirements or your preferences when it comes to your trees, we endeavour to help! 

Below are some techniques that we carry out to help tree's and customers live in harmony. A tree doesn't always need to be cut down to make a positive difference to your garden or property.




Crown Thinning:  This is the removal of selected                                                    Crown Reduction: The canopy branches are pruned

internal branches of the canopy to reduce density                                                       back to a selected point. This is usually carried out

and  increase light penetration.                                                                                     if a tree has out grown its permitted space.



  Crown Lifting: The removal of selected lower                                                              We often prune branches and remove limbs

  branches of the canopy raising it's hieght.                                                                       that are coming into contact or have become to

  This will create more space and light under the                                                              close to buildings.


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